FREE Meditation and Reiki Evening

Riviera Reiki are happy to announce that the second Monday of each month, Beverley Holt, founder of Riviera Reiki and former students will be giving FREE Reiki healings and meditation to those in need.


French and English clients welcome.

Our intention is to get to know one another, support each other and re-build our community with LOVE .

First Healing night: Monday, September 12th: 7.30pm-9.30pm. Lippman Residence, 5, Rue des Ponchettes, Nice 06300.

Please bring a plate of food to share for the pot-luck dinner.

Who will benefit from these nights?

Everyone, especially those who have suffered trauma ,(for example the attack on Nice July 14th) stress, anxiety, depression and poor health.

Also people who are well and choose to stay well.

People who are just curious and would like to receive a healing.

Please feel free to spread the word.

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy-the enenergy of unconditional love.

It is an ancient “hands on” healing art which has been around since the beginning of time. It is safe and never causes harm. The only side-effect is improved health and happiness. You sit in a chair , fully clothed, or lie on a Reiki table. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands on or just above your body. As the energy passes through, it could affect any of your 5 sences .You may feel heat, cold , tingling, visualise something, hear something or smell or tatse something. Or you may just feel that nothing has happened, or you have fallen asleep. The healing takes place regardless. Many people say that they don’t care how it works. They are happy to feel better. It helps to calm and relax the mind and promote self healing.

Find out more here:

Did you know that Reiki is recognized in hospitals in the UK.

Find out more here with The Reiki Association

Many people give Reiki in hospitals World Wide. Pamela Miles is well known in New york for establishing Reiki in Aids hospitals. Find more about her great work here Reiki, Medicine and Self-Care In Australia , people could claim money for Reiki Treatments with their private health funds. Once a month we gave Reiki to battered Women, so they good experience a loving touch and regian their confidence and self worth. Many corporate people pay for their staff to receive Reiki to keep them well, calm, relaxed and focused.

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Reiki 1 and 2 Certificate course, Great tool to help yourself and others

20140724_153524 (2015_11_09 04_16_42 UTC)

Now more than ever during such volatile times, treat yourself to a gift that can last for ever -Reiki 1 and 11 certificate course.
Personal and Spiritual development at it’s best.
Would you like a few days to chill out, relax and have fun with like minded people?

Join us for a day or 3 days for an incredible , experiential, self-discovery journey. Beverley Holt is a Reiki Master and Teacher with more than 25 years experience. Over the years she has taught thousands of students .
find out more about Reiki and the benefits here:

Dr. MIKAO USUI Reiki Level 1 Certificate Course

Feel empowered, relaxed, refreshed & rejuvenated!

Friday 19th , August 
10am until 6pm 
Plus a free 2 hour follow up session 

Lippman Residence 
5, Rue des Ponchettes 
Nice, 06300 
Cost :€230 
Includes workshop manual, refreshments & certificate.
Bring a pen & paper and a plate of food to share.
Wear comfortable clothing
Course Outline:
Experience the flow of Reiki
Learn self-treats
Practice on self and others
Personal values
50% non-refundable deposit required on bookings.

Imagine what it will feel like to be able to relax, de-stress and ease aches and pains for yourself and others.. send healings to people in other countries.

Dr Usui Reiki Level 2 Course

Saturday 20th August 2016
10am until 4pm
Sunday 12:30-3.30pm

Lippman Residence
5, Rue des Ponchettes
Nice, 06300

€320 Includes course manual
Bring pen and paper and plate of food to share
Wear comfortable clothing
Course Outline
Learn How to send Distant Healing
Experience the flow of Reiki
Discover How to Heal Past and Future Situations
Practice on self and others
Personal values

Repeats: pay only 50%
10% discounts forpeople who book Both Courses.

Fortunately, I was in Japan when the tragedy happened on July 14th in Nice. It was so good to be able to send a Reiki Healing to all .Most of us today have left our family home and live in another city or country. It is so lovely to be able to send Reiki to your family when you can’t be close to them.
Reiki helps you to find your purpose in life.

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Psycke K Basic Course with Irene Menis

First time in Monaco and France a Psycke K Basic Course with Irene Menis, Certified Psych- K Instructor and former space scientist for over 12 years Thales Alenia Space ,Italy.

Irene will give FREE talks in Nice, Monaco and Antibes on May 18th, 19th & 20th at 7pm for an hour plus Q&A a prelude to her workshop on

Saturday, May 21st and Sunday 22nd :09:00 -18:00 Psyche K module 1 workshop in Monaco at Yoga Shala, 14 Allée Lazare Sauvaigo, 98000.

Find out more about psych-k here.

Irene followed the scientific instruments on Mars exploration vehicle. At the same time, Life gave her many opportunities to learn about numerous personal development tools.In 2008 she discovered PSYCH-K®   which was a turning point in her story. She understood that there is much ,much more interesting things  still to be discovered here on Earth: human beings. For this, she decided to become a certified instructor.

Listen to how Dr.Bruce Lipton met Rob Williams and how psyche -k was born.

Dr.Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

(I have read his book and also shown many of his youtube videos when we first started this group-he is an incredible scientist and I am delighted that he is part of the birth of Psyche-k)

Listen to Robert Williams explain about what Psyche-K is.

1 hour presentation (up to 90 mins with Q&A)

Information about the impact of the beliefs and how it affects your life.

  • How broad your beliefs are? We have beliefs about almost everything and most powerful ones reside at the subconscious level of the mind.
  • We start our goals well then limiting beliefs stop us.
  • We can’t just change them for wanting to change them.
  • We can easily modify our sub conscious if we know how to do it, The SC just has a different language with respected conscious mind.
  • Body language-sub-conscious. Introduction and demonstration to muscle tests -to check what is in the SC mind and what the SC believes.
  • WE focus on the behaviour we wish to improve and integrate the relevant supporting beliefs
  •    People wanting to change behaviour need to by integrating new supporting beliefs at sub conscious level of the mind.
    • Demo of a PSYCH-K balance process to transform perception of a traumatic experience. The experience will be private. One word how you feel before and after.
    • PSYCH-K very useful tool for psychologists, counsellors and therapists,
    •   To complement the tools and knowledge you already have. The same time Psyche- K    is very useful for individuals who just want to take care of themselves and their well-being, set themselves free from limitations of their past.

Irene   Loves being with people and telling them about her work.


Cost of course: Only €480 includes workshop manual

Irene is also available for 90 minutes Psyche-K “healing” 1:1 session €120.

Book and pay for the course here:


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Saturday 13th February, 10am until 1pm.

Victoria RitchieAll invited to a  mini-workshop and a delicious organic lunch at StarsnBars, Monaco,

based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, author of the best-selling POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH.

Victoria Ritchie, one of Eckhart’s close students as well as his editor, will speak about.


– Do you find yourself lost in thought most of the time?  Are you somewhere else rather than here now?

– Do you realise that it is your thoughts, the story of ‘me in the head, this self-talk, that is keeping you unhappy?

– Eckhart tells us that as you begin to awaken, thought simultaneously begins to lose its hold on you

– in what Eckhart calls ‘the New Consciousness” more and more often thought is left behind to be replaced by simple Beingness and Presence

– this stepping out of the mind is the process of transformation

– Can you allow yourself not to think?  Can you find the gaps in your thought streams?  Who is seeing these gaps?  Not the thinker — but the witness — who you truly are — pure Being.

– In this workshop we will look closely at how we regard thought as so important and vital to who we are.  And yet excess thought is keeping us from knowing who we truly are in the depth of our Being.  You don’t stop thinking altogether as some thought is very creative, but you learn to let go of all the unnecessary tape loops that play incessantly, keeping you lost in the head rather than being Present in the Now.

– To undergo the shift Eckhart is speaking about, we learn a new relationship with thought.  The paradox is that in the emptiness of no-thought there is such fullness of life.

Read this great article about Victoria Ritchie here:

Here’s a chance to win a ticket for the event:

Victoria Ritchie lives in the San Francisco area of California. She has been giving seminars and talks on Eckhart Tolle’s teachings for the last thirteen years and has led an ongoing Eckhart group in San Francisco.   She is a spiritual editor as well as a professional astrologer and counselor.  She holds an M.A. degree is Psychological Counseling.

She has been coming to France and Monaco for the last 3 years teaching Eckharts work.

Cost : Only €60

Includes the mini-workshop plus a two course organic lunch and drink (beer,wine,soft drink, water tea)

RSVP : book and arrange payment in advance to secure your place :

Contact : Beverley Holt :

Tel : +33 6 47 74 04 03

Achetez vos billets



We’re so happy to announce that Victoria Ritchie , Eckhart Tolle’s Spiritual Editor is back from California for a few weeks on the Cote d’Azur and is happy to give us another mini-workshop. It will be experiential and interactive followed by a pot luck dinner.

Victoria Ritchie
– Is there a situation or a person in your life right now that you find difficult to accept?

– Is there something that seems ‘bad’ or awful or unacceptable that is making your life unhappy? Is there some obstacle that seems to lie in your way?

– Most people put themselves through ongoing suffering due to an inability to accept what is — through resistance, reactivity or denail.

– Eckhart Tolle would say that the little ‘me’s resistance to what is is the thing that keeps you unhappy, or in his words: “Suffering is the resistance to what is.”

– The way out of suffering is directly related to acceptance.

– In this workshop we will learn about living in non-resistance to what is. Simply allowing life to be. Not mentally labelling it as good or bad. Once you can accept whatever it is you have been resisting and become aligned with the present moment, an unexpected presence and spaciousness arise — and Life’s intelligence takes over. There’s an amazing positive shift. – A greater good is happening. There is a higher order to things that your little ‘me’ cannot possibly see with its narrow egoic vision. With acceptance you are in alignment with life, with what is. The ‘bad’ somehow turns into the ‘good’. It all happens in the present moment, accepting the suchness of what is.

AT: Lipman Residence, 5 rue des Ponchettes, Nice.

Monday, 1st February at 19h00.

As usual please bring a plate of food to share for the pot luck dinner and whatever you’d like to drink.
Cost only €40 You may arrive 15 minutes earlier so we may start on time.

Billetterie Weezevent

* 1€ online credit card fee.

Read this great article written by Sarah Harvey, Editor of The Riviera Times.
We look forward to seeing you.


New Years Eve eve party was a huge success.

We ended the year in style,  with lots of lovely people  and a raffle to raise money for Sandy Leveque’s medical treatment.

We filled the room at La Rascasse.

The night started with mingling, cocktails on the stunning terraces, tarot readings and portraits.

Everyone enjoyed the ambiance and most people danced until late to the great sounds of Miss Cecyls.

As many people generously decided to donate prizes on the night we decided to roll the prizes over to maximise awareness for Sandy’s cause and also to give advertising to the people and their business who generously donated.

We will have another event soon.

Meanwhile here’s a link to buy a raffle on line and a list of the great prizes here

Tombola Tickets

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The Year Ahead…Your Own Map

A mini workshop designed for YOU to explore your intentions for 2016 with Kate Roberts, Intuitive Life Guide ,HD System Projector and freelance theatre practitioner.

In her Workshops Kate fuses creativity, the esoteric and the basics of the Human Design System. She aims to create a dynamic space for participants to experience and explore a personal inner journey, experiment with setting intentions and interact with others in a positive, transformational way.

  • Know where you want to go but not sure how to get there?
  • Not even sure where it is you want to go?!
  • Wishing for more energy to do the things you love?
  • Feeling restless and unfocused?

This creativity workshop gives you the OPPORTUNITY to plan your own journey through the coming year and to:

  • Explore your own creativity
  • Create more space and time for YOU
  • Learn how to attract abundance and opportunities into your life
  • Discover where ‘you’re in your element’

When: 13th January,2016

Time: 7-9pm



6,Quai Antoine


Cost: Only €35

Includes the 2hour mini workshop

Kate Roberts, originally from north Wales, lives and works as a nomadic. From a young age Kate was passionately interested in people. Who were they? Where did they come from? And importantly…WHERE WERE THEY GOING?

This interest developed into a fascination with the esoteric, the inner life and opened up the world of spirituality out of which emerged Kate’s natural talents for reading symbols and human behaviour. The study and practice of tarot, and other forms of divination, led to a greater understanding of her own life’s purpose and how people connect.

In 2010 Kate met with the Human Design System brought into human consciousness by the Canadian, Ra Uru Hu. HDS known as the Science of Differentiation and is a synthesis of 7 different esoteric and scientific systems – Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and most importantly, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes – these are the traditional elements in the synthesis that is Human Design. Combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code, this offers you a profound insight into how you are designed to navigate the material world.

Kate discovered that in the HD System she is a Projector – here to guide, when invited, energy.

It will be a fun, interactive night and a great, positive way to start the New Year.


Book and pay here at

or Billetterie

All welcome to join Kate Roberts, Kate Powers and I for dinner where we can continue any questions. Relax and have fun with like-minded people.

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Lunch and Inspirational Talk

Thursday,October 22nd,12-2pm:  Lunch and Inspirational Talk with Victoria Ritchie, Echkart’s Tolle’s spiritual editor: Stardeck, StarsnBars, Monaco.

PRESENCEVictoria Ritchie-new photo

Are you present in your life or are you mostly absent?  How different and delightfully enhanced your life would be if you could learn to be present — even just a little more of the time.  We will talk about presence — what it is and how to invite it into your life.  And how that will change things — certainly for the better.

 Cost: €35 includes the talk and  a delicious 2 course organic lunch, a drink,  plus a vegan option

Places are limited. 

Book and pay on-line here Inscription (secure payment is made via Weezevent)

Please rsvp :

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Workshops with Victoria Ritchie

Monday, October 19th: 7- 10pm : Mini Workshop :The Cream and Core of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching with Victoria Ritchie; Astrologer and Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual editorVictoria Ritchie-new photo

Victoria will present all the basics of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings in a simple, easy-to-understand format.  Spiritual Enlightenment is the aim of Eckhart’s teachings and Victoria will explore and distill the key means for finding this awakening in your own life. 

 •             Do you want more presence and more peace in your life —  not to mention Happiness? 

•             Would you like to be less taken over by your monkey mind that can’t stop its constant inner chatter?

•             Would you like less suffering and less contraction?

•             Would you like to find your Life Purpose and know how to do that?

•             Do you realise that you are far more than the roles that you play in life?        

•             Can you recognise your Painbody when it arises?         

•             Can you accept what happens to you, no matter what?

This will be a very full evening that offers you a real way to begin seriously waking up from your egoic coma.  It will happen sooner or later, and NOW couldn’t be a better time for that.

Victoria Ritchie has been a close and direct student of Eckhart Tolle’s since 2000.  She has shared his work through a local group in San Francisco and in seminars worldwide.  Victoria also works with Eckhart in an editorial role.  In addition she is an international astrologer.  Victoria comes to the Cote d’Azur on a regular basis and while there offers a limited number of astrology readings as well as seminars on the subject of Eckhart Tolle, Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation, Western Non-Duality Teachers as well as Astrology.

We will break for a pot luck dinner.

Please bring a plate of food to share.

Cost : only €30

Lipmann’s residence, 5, Rue des Ponchettes, Nice.

Victoria is also available for readings.



Monday ,November 2nd : 7-9pm: Mini Workshop with Victoria Ritchie Echkart Tolle’s spiritual editor at Stardeck, StarsnBars, Monaco.


Do you unknowingly play roles in your life?  And lose who you truly are as that happens?

When you interact with different people, does your speech, attitude or behaviour change depending on who you are talking to?

Do you identify with the job you do in the world and think that is who you are?

Do you relate to others according to your perception of their social role? 

If you lose your job, or if your children grow up and move on, or lose any other kind of role you’ve been playing in the world, do you feel as though you no longer exist?

Do you feel superior or inferior to anyone?

Playing roles is a way of defining yourself through thought and thus a way of going unconscious.  The ego needs roles. 

As Eckhart Tolle says, ‘When you are completely identified with a role. you confuse a pattern of behaviour with who you are, and you take yourself very seriously.”  This is a way of unknowingly limiting yourself.

Victoria Ritchie will help us look at the unexamined roles we play in our life and how we can better observe this and free ourselves from this limitation.  As Eckhart says, role playing is one of the many faces of the Ego.    This is a very important and freeing subject to investigate, observe and work on.

Cost: Only €30

Book in advance here Achetez vos billets

Please rsvp:

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Reiki Course Level 1


Give yourself a gift that will last forever!
A gift that will help you to truly live the life that you desire.

Reiki Course June 15

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