Flash Awake: Feel The Surprising Riches Here For You Now


Dr. Wiedemann is in Nice from Colorado, USA

Come enjoy his FREE, Short, Interactive Presentation

Flash Awake:
Feel The Surprising Riches Here For You Now

I created this quick, easy, fun method from 4 decades and 35,000+ hours of experience and wisdom as a psychologist, coach, guide, therapist — in the trenches with thousands of clients … all wanting to wake up to the freedom, fulfillment & grace which is present now.

I am also an artist, published author, world traveler and scientist, and have been a seeker myself  ‘on the path’ for over 50 years, and wished I had this!

In this 60-minute introduction, what “surprising riches” might you flash awake to? Every flash awake will be different, and that’s a beautiful thing because the flash awake will always give you what you need … for example:

  • Have a direct experience of spiritually waking up that requires no belief system, religion or philosophy
  • Feel powerful benefits like clarity, grounding or gratitude.
  • Relieve some of the daily stress of pursuing your goals and dreams.
  • Feel refreshing moments of joy.
  • Rapidly connect to what is most important to you.

I have developed this one-minute solution to flash awake anytime in your day or night.

This will be an informal, interactive, fun session (I have taught hundreds of mini-workshops like this).

For those of you attending, I am offering a free MP3 on the #1 Breathing Pattern to cut stress and to flash awake. You can get it by going to www.flashawake.com

Date & Time:
Tuesday June 10th
19h30 Mingle and meet Frederic
20h00 Flash Awake starts
21h00 Sit-down pot luck meal.

Le Moonlight,
17,Boulevard Carnot,
06300 … 6th floor on left

Please bring a plate of food to share and whatever you’d like to drink. Please advise what you are bringing.

Contact: Beverley-06 47 74 04 03

RSVP: Beverley@RivieraReiki.com

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