Product Demo : NES miHealth – Jan 18

Wednesday, January 18 at 19:30 (In English)

What role does technology play in quantum healing and our power to manifest our best outcome?

This week, Dr. Andrea Pennington will discuss how to access the energy fields that surround us to influence our health, moods and emotions. As a bonus, we will have a demo of the miHealth handheld healing device!

You may remember the film “The Living Matrix” which highlights the field of energy and information that can be tapped for self-healing. One treatment modality featured in the film is by NES Health. As a bonus, Chris from NES Health, will join us to demonstrate a product that I call the ‘magic wand!’

This little handheld device emits electromagnetic frequencies as well as imprinted information to balance our energy and improve healing. You may learn more here:

Harry Massey presents the NES miHealth from CFT Concepts on Vimeo.

As always, we will enjoy a light meal together, please bring food, drink or dessert to share!

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