How to Identify & Overcome Blindspots & Blocks in Your Astrological Sign

Evening Workshop with Victoria Ritchie, M.A.

Nice, October 8, 2014

 What is it in your natal horoscope that keeps you stuck, unable to move forward, and often unhappy?

  • Each sign has its great strengths, but each sign also has its weaknesses and liabilities which remain invisible and largely unnoticed.
  • -In this evening workshop, Victoria will focus on these blocks, going through and identifying them sign by sign, showing how they can be worked with positively.
  • learn to transmute your astrological weaknesses into strengths
  •  What are factors in your astrological sign that other people don’t like, but won’t tell you?
  • Victoria 12-09-14 What keeps you from advancing to a higher level?
  •  What is your astrological ‘dark side’?
  • you will learn how to clearly identify and work with these astro ‘shadows’ to improve your life experience and use your astrological sign as a growth tool

This workshop will be full of information that can help you see yourself more clearly and live a more successful life — and it will also be fun.

  • Time:  7:30 – 10:30 (please arrive at 7.15 so we may start on time)
  • Venue:  5 rue Ponchettes, Nice
  • Fee:      40 euros


Victoria Ritchie  is an international astrologer and counselor.  She holds an M.A. degree in Psychological Counseling. She will be offering astrological readings while shies in the Nice area. You can contact her at to get more info and set up a session.

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