Introductory Inspirational Evening on Non-Duality

Due to popular demand Victoria Ritchie-Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual editor has agreed to give an Introductory Inspirational Evening on Non-Duality .


A great awakening is now taking place on the planet — it is a major evolutionary shift occurring for a quickly growing number of people. Eckhart Tolle’s books, THE POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH, have been beacons for a new kind of spiritual understanding and living, presented in a modern idiom. But along with Eckhart there are a growing number of inspiring western spiritual teachers who are offering the teachings of non- duality. These teachers have awakened to their true nature and they offer this possibility to everyone. These are radical teachings that break up all the old conditioning.


Victoria Ritchie, who has studied and practiced Non Duality for the last 14 years, will present an introductory evening on this subject. She will introduce the main teachers as well as the principal teachings of Non-Duality. Certain truths and perspectives are common to all the teachers:


•             You are already awake

•             Everything comes and goes in your life, but you remain as clear, unchanging

•             presence.

•             There is just right here, right now. Only this.

•             Problems exist in the realm of thought only.

•             There is nothing to seek.

•             The mind and what appears in thought loses its importance.

•             The separate self who we think we are is an illusion.

•             Accept whatever is arising in this moment.


Victoria Ritchie, M.A. lives in California where she is a spiritual/astrological counselor as well as an editor of spiritual books. She has assisted Eckhart Tolle in an editorial role and has also facilitated an ongoing Eckhart Tolle groups in San Francisco. Victoria has taught seminars on Eckhart’s work in Scandinavia France and the USA. She has been a close personal student of Eckhart’s as well as a student of Adyashanti.


Please bring a plate of food to share and wine or whatever you’d like to drink.


Cost: Only €40

Where: Lippman Residence,

2nd Floor, 5, Rue des Ponchettes,



Tel: +33 6 47 74 04 03

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