Movie: The Power of Consciousness w/ Bruce Lipton

Our movie for Wednesday November 30th is an interview with one of my favourite scientists Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief (he was in “The Secret.”)   ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ Interview by Iain McNay is relatively short and chocked full of empowering information.

During the interview Bruce shares the revelation he had while teaching medical students. He discovered that our genes do NOT control our fate and the environment has a great effect on whether we get sick or not. Add in the power of our thoughts and beliefs and we can truly heal ourselves!

The traditional medical establishment was not quite prepared to change their teaching focus, so he left his tenured position as a professor!

In this interview Bruce shares insights on why we ALL need to become more aware of our beliefs and really clean out the disease-causing thoughts, negativity and other ‘junk’ from our subconscious mind.

I hope you’ll join us for the film and discussion – hosted at my place, Riviera Reiki. AND…As an added bonus we can all enjoy a free talk with Dr. Andrea Pennington – my film ‘angel’!

Yesterday I had a wonderful empowerment session with her-. It was amazing! She took me through her ‘Attunement Process for Conscious Manifesting’ and a relaxing acupuncture treatment and I FEEL FANTASTIC!

Andrea is a US medical doctor and acupuncturist who has been working with alternative health and science for over 12 years and I’m lucky enough to have Andrea share her approach to wellness, healing and happiness with us & give her medical opinion on our recent films!

Andrea came to Nice to expand her wellness retreats and write a new book. She has been working with so many people who’ve had their ‘awakening’…and the next question they ask is always, “I’m awake but now what?”

Learn more about Dr. Andrea here:

So this Wednesday’s film and discussion will be a practical session where you will learn how to harness the vast power of your consciousness and tap into the energetic Field to heal and live an awakened life.

I hope that you’ll join us!

Usual time 1930
Please bring a plate of food to share.


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11 Responses to Movie: The Power of Consciousness w/ Bruce Lipton

  1. Tamas says:

    Too bad I cannot make it tonight, although the program seems fantastic…
    See you next time!

  2. Mike says:

    I am honestly disappointed that I am unable to make the session on the 30th. Apart from Beverley being a wonderful warm host, the people who join in are lovely too. It is rare to find a group of people who are so interesting, travelled, engaging and willing to listen and discuss freely in an open honest way. Rare too is the overwhelming positivity of the evening and everyone involved – being positive is number one on my list! It doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Josie says:

    What a wonderful, empowering and fun ladies night! Thank you so much to Bev and Andrea for the impeccable organisation, and to everyone who participated 🙂

  4. France Simmons says:

    Dear Beverley, thank you for having organised such a wonderful evening. Maryvonne and I enjoyed very much meeting with all the interesting women present who were generating great energy. The film and Andrea presentation were perfect for our first introduction to your Wednesday’s evening events. I hope to meet with you all again soon. France and Maryvonne

  5. Sarah says:

    Dear Beverley,

    It was an amazing evening ! there was such a high level of energy passing trough all of those beautifull Ladies …..
    I can only say : “thank you, thank you again for this wonderfull time I share with all of you ”
    May we never be the same


  6. Beverley says:

    My pleasure. I’m really happy that you shared your amazing revelation to the Intention meditation that I gave also:) Yes, may we never be the same Lots of Love, Beverley xxx

  7. Beverley says:

    Thankyou France for coming and also bringing your lovely friend Maryvonne:)

    I’m glad you enjoyed and it was great to see you last night also.
    I trust the magnets will work their magic for your husband.
    As mentioned I love the Nikken products. I know how powerful their healing potential is as I’ve used them for years!
    It’s great that the company pays scientists to continue researching and improving their technology.
    Love and Light,
    Beverley xxx

  8. Beverley says:

    Thanks Josie:)
    Big THANKS TO YOU for asking me to come around to watch a movie!
    Now look what The Universe has provided!
    A weekly gathering of amazing, awe inspiring people to share time, knowledge and a fabulous meal together!
    I might have to hire a place soon with the numbers increasing so rapidly!
    “Can it get better than this”
    Love and Light,

  9. Beverley says:

    Thanks Mike for your kind words:)

    It’s always great to see you and I love our discussions!
    Thaks for coming last night. I’m glad that you enjoyed!
    I know you’re energised after leaving as you always send me such lovely emails when you get home.

    I also really appreciate your techno help!
    I love your blog.

    Is it wheelie near Christmas?
    The Big Wheel at Place Massena, Nice!, is awesome. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my sister who unfortunately is unable to come out for the Festive season as planned.

    You are truly gifted!

    Thanks for the connection with Gael. I’m looking forward to hearing about her product Xango!
    Have a fabulous Xmas & all the best for 2012.

  10. Beverley says:

    Thanks for coming last night Tamas. It is always lovely to see you and Eva:)
    She is such an amazing cook!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your family visit.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you soon for your Birthday pamper, 30 minutes Footspa & foot scrub, 60 minutes Reiki- a gift that will last a life time!
    This was quoted by Dr. Oz.
    his TV show in 2010 that Reiki is his preferred alternative healing therapy.
    Dr. Oz tv show- is the show that recently promoted the healing properties of magnets and Dr. Andrea Pennington is their on line expert Health Advisor.

  11. Suzy dior says:

    someone forwarded this to me. i love it. its fascinating. its changed my day already and its only 7.30am its changed my life already… i work with blood cells and its all fascinating… all of it. if you come to ubud bali come and meet up with me love u all higher concious people xxx

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