Reiki Level 1 Certification

For over 15 years Beverley has regularly provided courses for Level 1 Reiki Certification.

Join Beverley at Riviera Reiki on Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 January 1000 til 1600 in Nice, France.

Call 06 47 74 04 03 to reserve your place!

 What is the Reiki Level 1 Course all about?

It is a fun, relaxing 2 day course in a quiet, calm environment.You will be taught the story of the most natural, ancient, healing arts on the planet today. You will learn about the Founder Dr.Mikao Usui and his teachings. You will  learn the hands on techniques to heal yourself and others.You will learn how to feel the natural energy that we were born with.Reiki works well with other alternative healing modalities and medically.Reiki helps the person to understand their individual healing process. Once a person has been attuned to Reiki the energy flows freely through their hands and feet forever. It also assists everyone to move forward spiritually.I teach in a relaxing manner. Giving guided meditations and we usually choose some inspiration cards. We all bring a plate of food to share so we can enjoy a relaxing lunch together.

Who can do the course?

Anyone who would like to bring more love & laughter into their life, be stress free and pain free.

Anyone who is keen to heal themselves, family, friends, plants & pets.
Suitable for all backgrounds. It is not a religion or cult and it doesn’t affect any religion. It is simply an ancient healing technique.

Is it difficult to learn?
No. It is a 2 day course. You will be given a manual which you can reference at anytime.
The story is simple and it is very easy to learn the healing techniques.
There is no exam, written or oral.

All is required is a desire to learn, self heal and have some fun.

You will get lots of practice and you can contact me anytime after the course.
I even offer 3 follow up FREE practice sessions.

What ages are appropriate for training?

There is no age limit and all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Learning Reiki is for male or female, young and young at hear. Over the years,  I have taught families with young teenagers and elders, groups of friends and many individuals who have joined in a course. As long as you are capable of understanding and keen to move forward with your life. Children love Reiki and they learn easily!


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