Dear Beverley,

I have to underline that you are fulfilling your mission in the most perfect manner!

Not having had any experience with Reiki before I curiously accepted your offer for a treatment as I had been very stressed out and was searching for relaxation and at the same time for an energy boost.

And oh wonder! I could hardly believe what I experienced! For several years I had suffered from back pain and not gotten rid of it with conventional medicine. The day after your Reiki treatment I got up and – there was no back pain! I moved around and the pain did not come back! I was euphoric and just asking myself: How is this possible?

Due to your Reiki treatment I feel like a new person. I am not only free of pain but also my energy level is much higher, everything seems easier and I can handle stress much better.

A very big THANK YOU to you!



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  1. Having been introduced to alternative health care approaches as a child, I have tested and delved deeply into many, many different ones over the decades. Strangely enough, I had never tried Reiki. I was just not inspired by the Reiki practitioners I met over the years… until I met Beverly.

    Beverly is one of the most powerful healers I have ever encountered. From my first Reiki treatment, I was catapulted forward. Through several healing sessions and the Level 1 course, I have gained incredible clarity and insight on issues that have befuddled me for quite some time. Shifts, releases and growth have ensued.

    Thanks to Beverly, and thanks to Reiki, my life is evolving. Pure bliss is just around the corner.

  2. Tamas says:

    I had an amazing 2hour pamper package yesterday with my wife for my Birthday!

    Beverley welcomed us with herbal tea and some energising Nikken water.

    The room has a great view of the mountains, and we listened to some lovely music.

    We were both in the same room.

    I had 30 minutes footspa and peppermint footscrub which was awesome followed by 30 minutes oxygen breathing,
    whilst Eva had an hour Reiki healing then we swapped over.

    A very unique experience!

    It was so relaxing.
    It was my first experience of Reiki and I felt so calm and relaxed.

    I felt like I was floating.

    I would highly recommend it!

  3. Eva says:

    I agree. It was a lovely experience.
    Everybody should try it.

  4. Louise Clark says:

    I wanted to say thanks for the wonderful oxygen facial on New Year’s Day Bev! Even though I was puffy eyed, tired and dehydrated, when I got home, my skin really was a glow, and it looked even better the next morning. The smell of the beautiful products was amazing too. The laser treatment I had at my Doctor’s the next day, healed up well, and I’m sure that the pinkness has settled down quicker too thanks to the oxygen boost.

    I strongly recommend the facial to anyone wanting a pick me up, and to help refine and smooth their skin. Just lie back and enjoy the pampering peoples…

    Thanks again Bev! Lots of love, LouLou

  5. Hi Beverley,
    Yesterday’s Reiki and massage combine was awesome! After how you helped me the first time with my neck and shoulder I was excited to see if you could do it again for both my knee and shoulder – and you sure did! I was SO gone during that treatment and it worked wonders on my body which was in armored defense after 2 solid ski crashes last week and a lot of worry on my mind. What a relief! I can now go ahead and book my flight for the next Freeride World Tour event in Norway in 2 weeks. Thanks so much!

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