Trust your power to heal yourself

I am a big advocate for self-healing. As a Reiki practitioner and instructor, my goal is to help people step into their own power to heal and take charge of their lives.

For many years I worked as a nurse in a hospital where we saw everything in black and white. Sickness required medical intervention – plain and simple. In fact, the way I was brought up led me to think of doctors as God. When we were sick we were told, “Let’s take you to the doctor and get you better.”

This week we watched Bruce Lipton say in his interview on Conscious TV, that he also affirms that nobody tells us what will happen in the doctor’s office, just that it’s the step we take to get well. And most of us heal on the way to the hospital or doctor’s office!

However, while working in the hospital I saw so many uneccessary surgeries and medications given. In fact many of the medications caused more side effects that were awful. Many people felt worse after taking medicine than they did with their original symptoms!

And seeing the influence of the pharmaceutical reps was interesting. We would listen to the reps and hear their explanations and studies to support the use of their drugs. I realized how powerful the pharma companies are and how much money they spend to sell their products – that’s when you get that it’s not coming from a heart space.

When you look at aborigine tribes in the wilderness, for example, we see self-healing with plants and herbs. And this is the case with most indigenous tribes around the world. Unfortunately most of us have been brainwashed into believing that the only way to heal is through doctors, surgeries and medicines.

I know that there is a place for everyone, and it is very good to see doctors for blood tests, x-rays  and checkups to see a baseline of what’s going onwith your body but people should be aware of their choices so they can choose their own path for self-healing or surgery and medicine.

But I firmly believe that surgery and medicine are not treating the cause – they’re just treating the symptoms. There are many alternative therapies out there – I’ve tried many myself. I suggest that you try things and if it rings true to you go with it. There is not one sole treatment approach.

I invite you to continue to read my blog, watch the movies I highlight and share your responses, too!

Lots of love to you!



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