Yoga-thon and World Peace Meditation

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the joint fund raising event for an orphanage project in Preeti, Nepal at Future Form on December 21st.

The day commenced with a Yogathon with Stephanie Joyce who encouraged and kept everyone enthused during the 108 sun salutations .

Yanu gave us a great history about  Winter solstice celebration . He dowsed us with sage as we entered the room so engaged us from the start.

He played a  drum and shaker during the ceremony and also chanted.

We then finished with a Beverley Holt giving a Global Reiki candle lit meditation for World Peace .

Everyone lit their own candle setting the intention for World Peace , knowing that many people around the planet were doing exactly the same thing.

‘When we meet as a collective, we join in Sanctuary’ Phyllis Furumoto.

It was a lovely evening with many people having wonderful “awakening”  and heart opening  experiences.

yoga stefanie



solstice 1


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